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About Us
Recruit Remote is a Sydney based B2B Sales, Marketing and Graphic Design Agency.  With over 20 years experience, we are Professionals working remotely on short to long term contracts for businesses.  Whether you're a start-up, small business, corporate or an enterprise sized company looking to outsource part of your sales, marketing or design work, we're here to help.    

We provide the following services:
  • Telemarketers/Telesales: Experienced with a track record of successes cold calling for new business.  We also make follow-up calls to generate leads, set qualified appointments and register attendees to your events
  • Designers: we create unique 3D eCovers and can convert your written or audio content into professional looking eBooks
  • Videographers: we create, edit and publish videos for social media posts.
  • Chatbots: we build Chatbots on Manychat to generate leads and 24/7 customer service on your Facebook Pages.   
  • Transcribers: we transcribe and caption video and audio files so they can be found in Google searches 
  • Virtual Assistants: we have competent, reliable and experienced staff available to support you and your business.
Further information can be found on our SERVICES Page here
Here Are FAQs We Get A Lot:
 What benefit is there hiring freelancers?
Without the need for long interviews, multiple meetings and an on-boarding process, you hire the skills you need to complete a task or short term Campaign.  This saves you time and money as we have our own scripts and can source our own leads if you do not have a prospect list.
 Where can you see samples of our work?
We have another Funnel site where we showcase some of the work we have completed.  You can also check out our latest SPECIAL OFFER.  The site is called DIGITAL ASSETS FOR OFFERS and the link is  
 How much should I expect to pay?
As you can see on our SERVICES page and our digitalassetsforoffers site, we offer a number of services.  Take a look around, check out our SUCCESS STORIES and book a 15 minute discovery call OR online chat session so we can work out how and where we can help you.
 Can I get a refund if I'm not satisfied with the result?
All attempts will be made to provide you with the results you seek.  Any design work will involve some revisions until you are satisfied with the end product.  Lead generation, sales jobs will always produce a result. It may not be the result you're after but it will always show you how the market responded to the sales process.  The faster you make changes to a sales process, the more successful the outcome.  
 What languages do we speak?
English.  We also write copy in English (US) and (UK). 
 What risk is there hiring remote skills?
While we learn fast and can act quickly to complete your job, you are outsourcing the task not the control.  This is still your business.  We're working for you so all work is monitored and success increases when Clients communicate with us regularly.  
 Can we work on a commission only arrangement?
No. The commission only work we do today is as an Affiliate Partner to a few software companies.  Three factors we consider when accepting this is - "who"  backs the Program, "how" much support is provided to the Affiliate and "what" the commission payment is.
 If I have questions is there someone I can talk to?
Yes.  We offer a Chat facility on this site (look to the bottom right)

You can also email and your email will be responded to within 48 hours.
 Can I interview the freelancer/contractor directly?
Yes.  We want to make sure you work well together.  
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